2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Minor in Law Enforcement SCUBA

The Law Enforcement SCUBA minor is an interdisciplinary program of study that combines courses in policing and aquatics.  The minor prepares Criminal Justice and Criminology majors with training and optional certifications that help students secure employment in water-related working environments, including police departments and public safety diving teams.

15 credits

Required Courses, 13 credits

AQUA 220Open Water Scuba


AQUA 221Advanced SCUBA Diver


AQUA 260Emergency Medical Responder


CJC 230Introduction to Policing


CJC 333Policing in Free and Diverse Society


CJC 230 and CJC 333 have prerequisites of CJC 101 and CJC 102, which are fulfilled as requirements of the CJC major. Since this minor in SCUBA is only open to CJC majors, these do not constitute hidden prerequisites.

Select 2 credits from Directed Electives

AQUA 120Aquatics Special Topics/Workshop

1 TO 3

AQUA 214Beginning Swimming


AQUA 215Intermediate Swimming


AQUA 216Lifeguard Training


This minor is open only to Criminal Justice majors.  CJC 230 and 331 cannot count towards the major in criminal justice and criminology.

Total Credit Hours: 15