2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Geological Sciences

R. Fluegeman, Chairperson


Geoscientists study the earth with primary attention to its history, materials, and structure, and to the active processes that continue to change the landscape. Geologists investigate environmental problems such as geologic hazards involving flooding, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, evaluate groundwater resources, discover new mineral and petroleum deposits, study geochemical cycles associated with climate, and study the moon and planets.

The department offers three majors: 1) major in geology, 2) major in environmental geoscience, and 3) teaching major in earth/space science education. The teaching major in earth/space science education prepares students for teaching at the middle and high school levels. The major in geology provides students with classic geologic training and involves a strong background in math and science and the applications of these fields to geology. The major in environmental geoscience provides students with a comprehensive overview of interacting earth systems including lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, as well as understanding the evolution of earth’s physical and biological systems through time. Both of these majors prepare students for geological careers in industry, environmental consulting and government agencies, and for graduate study that leads to research, teaching, management, and many other positions in industry, government, and education.