2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

FCS 369 Internship in Family and Consumer Sciences

Provides the opportunity for the stud. to work in est. intrnshp. setting to gain prof. expr. in one's specific area of study. Preq:Appar.Dsg:FCFA303or 401;MKG 300;perm chr;Child Dvlp:FCFC 465;perm chr;Child Lf Spec:FCFC 100, 250,265,275,465;BIO 254;EDPS 351;NUR 101,103;perm chr;Fam Studies:FCFC250 perm chr;Fash Mrch:FCFA 345,388;MKG 300;perm chr;Gen:FCFC 393;FCFN 310; perm chr;Hosp.& Food Mgt:FCFN 400 or FCFN 250, 310, and 476, docum. exper of at least 500 hrs of approp. hosp. or food serv. exper;perm of chr; Interior Dsg:FCID 324;perm chr;Resd. Prop. Mgt:FCPM 275,305;FCFN 310;ACC 201;perm chr. A tot of 12 hrs of cr may be earned, but no more than 6 in any one sem or term. Open only to dept. mjrs or hosp. minors w/approp. prq.


3 TO 6