2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Repetition

An undergraduate student may repeat a course an unlimited number of times except in cases where a department has imposed repetition limits. The repetition of a course does not remove the previous grades from the student’s official academic record. A W will not replace a previous grade. The last grade in a course will be used in computing the student’s grade-point average. The credits will count only once toward meeting minimum credit requirements for graduation. The University is not obligated to offer courses so that a student can repeat them. Students are strongly encouraged to meet regularly with an advisor. 

The university reserves the right to modify or cancel courses when necessary because of accreditation requirements, insufficient enrollment, lack of staff members, or for financial or other reasons. In addition, the chairperson of a department can transfer students from one section of a class to another section of the same class.

Departments can substitute courses to meet major and minor requirements as long as the substitution does not reduce the number of credits required in the program. Either a student or a department can request a course substitution before the alternate course is taken. The department chairperson must sign a copy of the approval of the substitution; the form must then be submitted to the appropriate advising center.

Students who need to change their class schedules can do so any time after their initial registration through the end of the add/drop time frame. There is no charge for changes made during this time frame.