2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Field Trips

Field trips consistent with the purpose of the course should be planned at the beginning of the semester. Absence caused by field trips in a course or by official university responsibilities will be announced in advance to the instructors of the course(s) in which the student is enrolled. Students obtain these notices through the department chairperson’s office and take them to their instructors at least three days in advance of the absence. No field trips, travel, or other special events involving students are scheduled during the first week or the last two weeks of a semester. Exceptions will be granted only after consultation with and approval by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Student Affairs. Whenever possible, trips should be scheduled for weekends.

Field trips are voluntary, but a course grade may be lowered if students do not go on a field trip and do not complete adequate make-up work as assigned.