2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Minor in Studio Art

18 credits

Not open to School of Art BFA Art majors, BA in Studio Art majors, and BA/BS Visual Arts Education majors. Open to all other majors.

3 credits from

ADS 1012D Foundations Studio


ADS 1023D Foundations Studio


ADS 1034D Foundations Studio


AFA 101Drawing Studio


ART 290Basic Art Media and Techniques


GCM 180Graphics: Intro to Printing Processes


9 credits from

Any ACR, ADS, AFA, AHS, ART, or GCM* courses at 100, 200, or 300 level.**
(ART 100 and AHS 100 are not options for this requirement. Only 3 credits of AHS courses may be applied in this category.) 

6 credits from

Any ACR, ADS, AFA, ART, or GCM* course at 300 level.**
*GCM (TGRA) courses are not minor options for students majoring in GCM.
**Special permission and prerequisite courses are required for 200 or 300 level courses not designated for non-majors.

Total Credit Hours: 18