2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Career Center

The Career Center offers opportunities for each Ball State University student and graduate to engage in:

  • One on one career coaching with a career coach assigned to students in each academic area.

  • Developing a clear career objective, obtaining relevant experience, and learning the skills necessary to conduct a successful professional job search.

  • Connecting with employers through on-campus career fairs and interviews with recruiters from business, industry, government, and educational organizations seeking interns and graduates at all degree levels.

  • Skills training through programs such as practice interviews, KEY Careers, Inter-Ready, and Career-Ready.

  • On-campus part-time student employment.

  • Up-to-date materials on careers, salaries, the job-search process, and graduate and professional school preparation; career brochures and publications on self-assessment, career exploration, resume writing, interviewing, job success, social media presence, and other items.

  • The Career Center also provides support to internship programs across campus.

For more information, call the Career Center at 765-285-1522, visit the office’s Web site at www.bsu.edu/careers, or come to Lucina Hall 220.