2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

Doctor of Arts in Music

90 credits

The doctor of arts in music (DA) degree is designed to prepare superior musicians for careers in college teaching. The philosophy of the program is to integrate in-depth preparation in one of the traditional disciplines of music with general studies in the remaining fields of music and several supervised teaching experiences at the college level. Graduates will be effective and productive artists and scholars qualified to teach specific music disciplines at the college level and to assume the more diverse responsibilities characteristic of faculty positions at small colleges and universities. The program requires a total of 90 graduate credits beyond the bachelor’s degree. The School of Music core includes foundational course work in music education, research methods, music theory, and music history.

The area of primary emphasis may be in music performance, conducting, piano chamber music/accompanying, music theory and composition, or music education. The area of secondary emphasis may be in music performance, piano chamber music/accompanying, conducting, music theory and composition, music history and musicology, music education, entrepreneurial music, or an area outside the School of Music in a subject that relates to the primary field of study.

The area of college teaching and learning includes a college teaching internship and an externship, and courses in such subjects as the role of music in college education, teaching music for the listener/non major, or music theory pedagogy.

Comprehensive written and oral exams are taken near the end of required coursework.  The dissertation will make an original contribution to knowledge in the primary or secondary field. It may result in innovative teaching materials or methods, annotated catalogs of repertoire, research focused on a problem identifiable with college teaching, original scores or digital media materials, in-depth historical or theoretical analyses, or professional-grade recorded performances.  No matter the direction, each dissertation contains an original contribution and a substantial and substantive written component.

Further information about the DA is contained in the School of Music Graduate Handbook, available from the School of Music website.

Degree requirements

Area of primary emphasis 24
Area of secondary emphasis 15
Supplementary studies in music 18
College teaching and learning 17
Dissertation 10
Electives 6

Total Credit Hours: 90