2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

International Student Admission

International students interested in graduate study at Ball State University should visit the Rinker Center for International Programs (RCIP) Office of International Admissions website at www.bsu.edu/international for application forms. International students must meet all the university’s regular admission requirements. Graduate and International Admissions determines the transcript submissions procedures for international students. 

Physical Examination Requirement for International Students

After arrival at Ball State University, during the registration process, all international students are required to appear at the University Health Center for a physical examination.

English Proficiency for Non-native Speakers of English

Students who are non-native speakers of English applying for admission to the Graduate School must submit the results of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) taken no more than 18 months prior to the date of application. A student intending to enroll at Ball State University may be required to retake the IELTS or TOEFL before being admitted, regardless of the extent of previous training in English. Any exceptions to these rules must be approved by RCIP and the dean of the Graduate School.

Any student admitted with a score lower than 6.5 on the IELTS or 79 on the TOEFL will be required to take ENEF courses offered by the Intensive English Institute. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by RCIP, the dean of the Graduate School, the chairperson of the department in which the student is majoring, and the director of the Intensive English Institute. Any department may set a higher score requirement than a IELTS score of 6.5 or TOEFL score of 79 for its majors.

If it is deemed advisable, RCIP or the director of the Intensive English Institute may recommend to the dean of the Graduate School that a student be required to take one or more of the English Language Tests administered by the Ball State University Counseling Center.

Any international student may take a course in English as a foreign language, regardless of whether such a course is required.

Any student who is required to take a course in English as a foreign language and whose progress is unsatisfactory will be required to repeat the course if the director of the Intensive English Institute deems it advisable or if the chairperson of the department concerned and the dean of the Graduate School deem it advisable. The chairperson of the department concerned and the dean of the Graduate School will take into consideration the recommendation of the Director of the Intensive English Institute. Before completing their course work in the Intensive English Institute, students are required to pass an assessment of their proficiency in English.

Conditional Admission

An international applicant who meets all Graduate School academic requirements except for the minimum English proficiency requirement may be granted conditional admission. Conditional admission requires a prospective student to complete the English training course(s) and provide proof of English proficiency before regular admission and enrollment in graduate academic courses. Such a student is expected to achieve TOEFL-equivalent English proficiency within one year.

The initial I-20 will be generated by RCIP. Once RCIP certifies that the student has achieved English proficiency, he/she will be eligible for regular admission (or provisional if the department has additional requirements). Regular admission is determined by the student’s major department. When a student’s admission status changes from Conditional to Regular (or provisional) status, a new I-20 will be issued.

If English proficiency is not achieved within one year of conditional admission, a student can apply to Undergraduate Admissions or reapply to the Graduate School after completing additional classes at the Intensive English Institute.

An applicant granted conditional admission status will not normally be approved for an assistantship until regular admission is earned.

Any exception to the above policy must be approved by the dean of the RCIP and the dean of the Graduate School.