2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Baccalaureate Degrees

Students will be guided by the outline of baccalaureate degrees, the University Core Curriculum, the majors and the concentration areas listed below. Students majoring in the journalism department are encouraged to meet with an advisor in advertising, journalism, or public relations within the first semester of the program.

Students must complete all major and minor courses with the grades of C or better, including concentration courses outside the department. Before enrolling in an EMDD, ICOM, JOUR, NEWS, or TCOM course, a student must earn a C or better grade in its prerequisites. Prerequisites for all courses are strictly enforced. Prior to graduation, majors must complete a senior survey, an exit exam, and an exit interview with the appropriate program coordinator. Before enrollment in JOUR 265, JOUR 354 or NEWS 120, students must successfully complete a language usage proficiency examination. Successful completion of this examination does not satisfy the University Core Curriculum Writing Proficiency Program requirement.

Students must earn a minimum of 72 credits in courses outside the journalism and telecommunications departments (EMDD, ICOM, JOUR, NEWS and TCOM).

Students pursuing the news concentration are required to complete four semesters or the equivalent of one modern or classical language.

Students enrolled in the magazine media and news concentrations are required to complete a second major or minor outside the departments of journalism and telecommunications. Other journalism department majors are encouraged to select a second major or minor that will complement their major. Students may not select a second major or minor from the Department of Journalism.