2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

SNLN 256 American Sign Language 6

This is the second part of two courses in the advanced study of American Sign Language. This course focuses on further development of the everyday American Sign Language (ASL) conversation practice demonstrated by American Deaf people such as focusing on money matters and the process of people going through making major decisions. This course also focuses on learning different sets of language skills such as understanding semantics, conversational fluency including sharing opinions and making life decision, and developing skills to analyze and organize complex information into ASL.  Grammatical principles and functions will be emphasized. Also, the students will learn and expand different visual gestural strategies to increase fluency with ASL concepts and vocabulary.  Appropriate cultural behaviors and conversational regulators, and discussing current news in the deaf community in ASL will continue to be an important part of the class. 

Prerequisite: SNLN 255.