2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Certificate in Virtual and Distance Education

The goal of the virtual and distance education certificate is to prepare candidates to teach within existing and emerging educational formats that can be offered to K12 students at a distance. The certificate earned at the completion of the program will demonstrate candidates competencies for teaching and designing instruction within virtual and distance education contexts.

This certificate will prepare candidates to teach in a virtual and blended environment. Candidates completing the certificate will also be able to provide leadership to others within K12 instructional contexts about virtual instruction, design of virtual learning  environments, and use of learning management and information systems. It will develop candidates’ knowledge about the design, delivery, and assessment of instruction at a distance and in a virtual context for diverse learners. It will also focus on issues of equity and access, and how teachers and school leaders can address these issues in a virtual and distance context.

9 credit hours

Required Courses

The Virtual Instruction and Distance Education certificate will consist of three required courses.

EdTe 660: Instructional Design (Fall semester)

EdTe 675: Distance Education and Distributed Learning Technology (Spring semester)

EdTe 685: Information Systems for Instruction and Assessment (Summer semester)

These courses will be offered over three semesters.

Program and course content will cover the IDOE Virtual Instruction standards.

EDTE 660Instructional Design and Technology


EDTE 675Distance, Flexible, and Blended Education


EDTE 685Information Systems for Instruction and Assessment


Total Credit Hours: 9

Total Credit Hours: 9