2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Time Allowed for the Doctoral Degree

It is important that doctoral students be current in their fields of study when they graduate. Therefore, after a student has been admitted to a doctoral program and has taken at least one approved course, all requirements for the degree must be met within a seven-year period. Any courses required for the degree taken before admission to a doctoral program are subject to approval by a student’s doctoral committee. Evidence of current knowledge in the area may be required. Upon the recommendation of the department chairperson and with the approval of the graduate dean, an extension of the time allowed may be granted for one additional year. In rare cases, an additional one-year extension may be granted, provided the student can demonstrate significant progress on the dissertation. Extensions are based on academic considerations and are limited. The student requesting the extension of time allowed may be required to repeat preliminary examinations, to take additional course work, or both.