2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Withdrawal Procedures

Withdrawal from a Course

Change of Course Period

Students may make changes to their schedule through the add/drop period. Specific calendar dates may be viewed on the website bsu.edu/registrar. Courses dropped through this period are not recorded on the student’s permanent record.

Course Withdrawal Period

Students may withdraw from courses from the start date of the course through 60% of the scheduled duration of the course. Specific calendar dates may be viewed on the website at bsu.edu/registrar. NOTE: Saturday is not considered a class day for these purposes.

The course withdrawal period is determined according to the following schedule:

  from the eight to the forty-fifth day of classes in a fall or spring semester;

  from the eight to the thirtieth day of classes in a summer semester;

  from the fourth to the fifteenth day of classes in a five week session.

  From the fifth day to the twenty-fourth day of classes in an eight week session.

Students wishing to withdraw from a course during this period should first discuss the withdrawal with their instructor. All student-initiated withdrawals will be recorded as a final grade of during this period. However, students who discontinue enrollment or who abandon courses without following the withdrawal policy’s procedures will normally earn a failing grade in those courses. Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships prior to withdrawing to determine how it will affect your financial aid. To see the impact of the withdrawal on your bursar account view your ebill account online. Additional information can be found at bsu.edu/sfs.

Withdrawal after the Course Withdrawal Period

If there are verifiable extenuating circumstances which make withdrawal from a course academically justified after the withdrawal period ends, the college dean or designate may grant an exception to the above withdrawal policy. The faculty member is responsible for recording the last date of attendance and determining a withdrawal or failing grade. A "W" is recorded when a student withdrawals from a course after the published withdrawal deadline for the semester or term unless, in the judgment of the instructor, department, or college dean, the reason for course withdrawal does not meet university withdrawal guidelines and the student will receive a failing grade. To see the impact of the withdrawal on your bursar account, view your ebill account online. Additional information can be found at bsu.edu/sfs.

Withdrawal from All Classes

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from all courses during a semester must immediately contact the appropriate university office, as follows:  Students enrolled in all main campus courses, or in a blended schedule of main campus and online/distance education courses, should contact the Office of Retention and Graduation, SC L-20, 765-285-3312. Students enrolled exclusively in courses through Online and Distance Education should see bsu.edu/distance, or call 1-800-872-0369.

A student may be eligible for a refund of registration fees charged only if the student withdraws from all classes during any semester. Further, the only fees that are eligible for a refund are registration fees. There is no refund of the applied music fee for either the matriculated or the non-matriculated student.

The following schedule indicates the prorated portion of the registration fees a student may be eligible to receive provided the student complies with the University’s policy for withdrawing from all classes through the appropriate office.