2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Course Numbering

Courses numbered 500 and above are for graduate students; graduate-level “taught-with” courses—graduate course sections taught along with a corresponding 400-level undergraduate course section—are represented by 500-level numbers. Exceptions to this rule, where certain course numberings at the 500-level may be necessary to differentiate specific progressions in a program, will reviewed for approval by GEC.  Undergraduate courses at the 100-, 200-, and 300-level can not be taught/with a 500-level course.  Six hundred-level numbers are used for graduate courses; and 700-level numbers are for doctoral courses. Enrollment in 700-level courses requires doctoral-level standing or permission from the department chairperson and the dean of the Graduate School.

Undergraduate courses of similar content may not be repeated at the graduate level for credit. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that courses that are not available for variable credit are not repeated as they can apply only once to a degree or certificate.