2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Credit for Prior Learning

Ball State University offers opportunities to earn credit toward a degree for knowledge students have acquired independently, at work, in the military, through workshops and special classes, and in other ways. Most of these opportunities require that students take an examination prepared by an academic unit to “test out” of a course or group of courses or to submit a portfolio assessed by the academic unit. Credit earned in this way counts toward graduation requirements, but students do not receive a grade for it. Students cannot receive credit of this type for courses for which they have already received credit. Students can earn up to 9 credits through this program.

The opportunities for earning advanced standing are:

Credit by departmental examination
Credit by departmental authorization
Credit by departmental portfolio

Before offering credit in this manner, departments must submit a proposal to their college dean for approval that outlines the classes available for prior learning credit and how prior learning will be assessed, including the standards that students must meet in order to receive credit.  All credits for prior learning for individual students must be approved by graduate program director, department chair, and college dean.

Students who earn credit for prior learning will be granted credit for the courses. Prior learning credit will not be awarded to students who have been enrolled or are currently enrolled in the courses for credit or audit.