2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Graduate Advising

Each department is responsible for evaluating the qualifications of its prospective graduate students. One of the evaluation tools used by some departments is a proficiency examination administered by the department. When undergraduate preparation in the chosen field of graduate study is insufficient, a student’s major advisor may prescribe additional work. If the department determines that a student is deficient in one or more areas, the student is expected to remove these deficiencies.

The chairperson of the concerned department or the delegated representative will advise the student in outlining a degree program. All departmental advisors signing approval for graduate student academic programs must have been approved by their departments. When a student’s eligibility is assured, the academic advisor will admit the student to candidacy for the master’s degree and later will recommend the conferment of the degree. When required by the degree program, the research paper, creative project, and thesis will be written under the supervision of an academic advisor who is a member of the department in which a student has selected a major.